What causes a PLC Alert MTR Reset

When the auger moves Ice forward during a vend , Ice has to have a place to fall. If a bag or other object covers the Ice fall opening Ice will then compress to the front of the Drop shoot. Once compressed it will have to be removed or wait until it melts out.

  Bags that fail to open or bunched up are a common culprit. Check the bagging area for obstruction.

  Lift Handle magnets being always on on older HD machines will also cause this to occur.

All the below are the same AS MTR Reset

same as MTR Reset
MTR Reset PLC Alert


Style 1 Overload

Overload Reset type 1

Auger Sensor adjust

Auger Sensor Adjustment

Style 2 Overload

Style 3 Overload

Melt Timer Ice Jam

Melt Timer Ice Jam